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Leinart Law Firm specializes in consumer law including personal injury and debt relief for individuals and businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Leinart Law offices provide personal service when you need a Personal Injury Lawyer. We help clients obtain a settlement or other compensation when they’ve been injured in an accident of any kind.  Our goal is to help you get what you deserve so you can enjoy life once again. Our Fort Worth attorneys have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the bankruptcy process. Take action today! Contact us now to schedule a free consultation. You’ll be glad you did.

Our biggest piece of advice is, don’t settle with the insurance company without speaking to an attorney first.  Many people don’t realize that an attorney can garner a much higher settlement so that you will come out ahead, even after our fees are paid (and we don’t get paid if you don’t!) Get direction on the correct legal course from an experienced, caring and compassionate personal injury lawyer who will answer all of your questions. We address any concerns you may have.

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